Sebanyak 439 PNS di Lingkungan Pemprov Lampung Diambil Sumpah dan Mengucapkan Janji PNS


The Governor of Lampung, represented by the Regional Secretary of Lampung Province, Fahrizal Darminto, took the oath/pledge of civil servants within the Lampung Provincial Government, at the Way Halim Youth Pledge Building, Thursday (06/10/2022). 

When delivering written remarks from the Governor of Lampung, the Regional Secretary said that all civil servants who were sworn in should be grateful for the mandate that has been given. The way to be grateful that you can do is to carry out the tasks that have been given as well as possible. 

Civil servants in the state apparatus law have several functions, namely as public servants and implementing public policies to realize a state where the purpose of the state is to provide protection to the community, promote the welfare of the nation, educate the nation’s life. The purpose of this state cannot be fulfilled without the existence of a state apparatus.

On that occasion, the Provincial Secretary said that civil servants were asked not to prioritize personal/group interests, the public interest must be prioritized because civil servants are public servants. 

Sekdaprov also conveyed the message of the Governor of Lampung, that civil servants must have sociocultural capabilities.
“The governor asked all of us to have sociocultural competence so that we can explain to the public that it is the duty of civil servants to serve. The community and civil servants must also support each other in advancing development, educating life, so that the ideals of the state can be achieved,” he said. 

“Hopefully, taking this oath can increase our enthusiasm in providing public services and service to the country.” the lid.

On the same occasion, Plt. Head of BKD Meiry Harika Sari as the chief executive of the activity said that this oath/promise had two objectives, namely: 

First, this oath/promise is made to create civil servants who are committed, loyal, disciplined, clean, honest and aware of their duties and responsibilities as elements of the state apparatus, state servants and public servants so that they can provide the best service to the community.

Second, this oath/promise is expected to be able to create an orderly personnel administration within the Lampung Provincial Government as mandated in the legislation.

Meiry hopes that through taking this oath / promise, civil servants in the Lampung Provincial Government are committed to upholding the contents and meaning of the oath of promise.

“Through taking the oath of promise for civil servants, it is hoped that civil servants within the Lampung Provincial Government are committed to upholding the contents and meaning of the oath of promise as the basis for building performance with full honesty, sincerity, responsibility and high discipline in carrying out government and development in the Lampung area which we love.” the lid. 

The implementation of the PNS Oath/Promise The 2022 PNS inauguration within the Lampung Provincial Government was attended by 439 participants from 28 regional apparatuses within the Lampung Provincial Government. (*)